Frequently Asked Questions

Does Link Hero have any reviews or testimonials?

I currently have a sales thread on the Builder Society forum. Visit the thread here.

Link Hero was also featured in Charles Floate's Best Internet Marketing Deals For Black Friday 2017 article.

Are these sites created solely for the purpose of getting backlinks?

No! These sites are not PBNs, they are real sites run by real people, some of them are 15+ years old with thousands of pages of content and thousands of monthly visitors. Over time I have built up a good working relationship with these blog owners, this allows me to acquire backlinks from their website, on demand.

Are these guest posts?

No. These are contextual links that are naturally placed into a relevant existing article.

Are these hacked or injected links?

Some sellers who sell links similar to these links claim that they are inserted by the site owner, when in fact they are a result of hacking the website in question and injecting a link without the owner's consent. All of my links are placed by the site owner, and I have no control over any aspect of any of the sites. If you need some reassurance of this before you order, feel free to contact me and I will send you some proof.

Will these links improve my rankings?

While I can't give any guarantees about the ranking potential, these are very powerful links that will push you up the SERPs. Unlike guest posts, which are created on brand new pages, these links are added to existing pages that already have authority and have already been indexed. I have been using these links on my own and my client's properties for a while now, and have had outstanding results.

750 monthly searches medium

1000 monthly searches 2 links per month

1600 monthly searches buyers keyword

How do I order?

Once you have chosen what sites you would like, Please use the order form which is located here.

The order form has space for you to order 5 links. If you need any more than this, you can either submit the form again or contact me at [email protected] with all the information.

Once I have received your order I will send an invoice through Paypal, and when the invoice has been paid I will start your order and send you confirmation of payment.

Is my anchor text guaranteed to be used?

Unfortunately not. A small number of the website owners do not want to add any additional content to their articles. If this is the case I will choose anchor text that is related to your keyword, and I will contact you to confirm that you are happy with the anchor text.

Are these permanent links?

Yes, these are permanent dofollow links that will not be removed. I offer a 1 year guarantee with this service, where if any links are removed in the first year I will replace them or give a refund. I have not had to use this guarantee yet as no links have been removed.

What is the turn around time (TAT)?

TAT is 30 days from the date of payment, however it is usually much quicker than this. In some cases, orders are completed the same day!

Why can’t I see the URLs of the sites?

I don’t show the URLs of the sites, this is to protect them from spammers and people asking for links themselves. If you are not sure whether a site would be a good fit for you, just email me the number and your keyword/anchor text and I will check to see if it is relevant. You will see the site after your order has been completed.

Will I receive a report?

Once your order is completed you will receive a report that contains the full URL where your link has been placed.

Do I need to provide content for these links?

No, these are not guest posts so no content is needed.

Do you accept adult or gambling sites?

If you have a site in the adult, gambling or any related niche please contact me before ordering. Please don't ask for links to any spammy sites, these are real blogs with real owners and they will just get refused.

Terms of Service

1. Link Replacement

If for any reason your link cannot be placed on the agreed site, I reserve the right to replace it with another site. The replacement site will the same or better as the original site with regards to metrics. Any additional cost caused by this will be met by Link Hero.

2. Refund Policy

If for any reason I cannot complete your order you will receive a 100% refund. Once the links have been placed and your report has been sent, there will be no refunds. The only exception to this is if we agree to place your link on a replacement site that costs less than the original site, you will be partially refunded the difference.

3. Anchor Text Change

Once the link has been placed, there can be no change to the anchor text for 90 days. This is due to the fact that the search engines can take this long to decide where to place a page in the SERPs after a link has been placed, and any additional changes can harm the page in question. It is in your best interests not to change any part of the link/anchor for 90 days.

4. Turn Around Time

Turn Around Time (TAT) is currently 30 days for individual links and link packages. If there will be any increase in this time you will be notified before the 30 days are over.

5. Relevancy

The most important aspect I look for when placing your link is page to page relevancy. This means that the actual site may not be in the exact same niche as your site, it may be a related niche or a general niche site. The page will be relevant to your page, however, and this is an important ranking factor.

6. Rankings

If you have not seen any ranking increases in the first few weeks after your links have been placed, please be patient. The search engines have many filters to stop spam from ranking in the SERPs, and these include limiting the effect of new links until a certain time period has passed. This time period can be anywhere up to 3 months. If after 3 months rankings have still not increased, there are many other factors that can cause this. Poor on-page SEO, previous links built, unoptimized content, and not enough backlinks can all play a part in rankings. For this reason, no refunds will be issued due to rankings not increasing.

7. Metrics

While every effort is made to keep the metrics as up to date as possible, sometimes they will be wrong. This is due to a number of reasons, for example, Ahrefs DR and traffic stats can change daily. The metrics are checked and updated regularly, but there may be some occasions where the metrics are not up to date. The metrics are provided as a guide, so you can see the general quality of a site.